A personal porfolio of Ellie Mendes

Senior Designer & Art Director


The Letter 7 is the personal portfolio of Ellie Mendes. Her childhood dream was to join the clergy, however all hopes were dashed when her conviction for grand theft auto was barely quashed on appeal. Pushy ethnic parents forced her to study design and this sparked a torrid love affair with typography. But ever restless, Ellie began to see print, illustration, web, photography, motion and broadcast on the side and enjoyed a passionate relationship with each in turn.
She graduated with a masters in Nerd Science and is currently writing a dissertation on He-Man and She-Ra’s postcolonial gendered racial relations. Through caffeine and Panadeine-induced hallucinations, she has worked on Telstra™, Coca-Cola®, Jaguar and many others. She likes the wind and the letter 7... lucky for some.

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